Electrical Wiring for Home Additions

One thing that is popular in home remodeling projects are home additions. Since a lot of the homes in the Seattle area tend to be older construction, the square footage tends to be a bit smaller than what is available in today’s modern homes. Home additions done properly not only enhance the livability of your home, the additional living space will also increase your home’s value.

If you own an older home, and wish to add more square footage with a home addition, the first order of business is to evaluate your electrical system and find out if your electrical panel is capable of handling the increased electrical load that will come from new appliances, electrical devices, and lighting fixtures.

While the cost of an electrical service upgrade may be unexpected in a home addition, doing it while you are already remodeling is the best time and well worth the cost in the long run. Any home addition must be wired to code for safety. The licensed electricians at Eastlake Electric will help you to determine the electrical needs of your home addition, as well as plan and install your new electrical system.

Homeowners often have special plans for their new home additions. Whether it is a man-cave, art studio, or home theater system you are planning, a seamless installation needs to be well planned in advance. The design should be in place in the beginning to ensure that the costs of this electrical project can be minimized as much as possible.

The “rough-in” is the term used to describe the electrical wires once they are installed in the wall. When this part is complete, our electrical contractors will step aside and allow other contractors to do their part, such as hanging the drywall and painting the walls. After this portion is complete, our electricians will return to finish the project by wiring the switches and outlets in the room.

Since there are different trades working during a home addition project, a good deal of coordination is needed between the electrician, plumber, and general contractor. At Eastlake Electric, we have a proven track record and are experienced in maintaining a schedule and working well with the other contractors to ensure that your project runs smoothly and on time.