Electrical Contractors Seattle

Using More Than Ever

Upgrading the electrical system in your home is really all about making your home more user friendly, and enhancing your comfort by personalizing your home around the way your family lives. Adding extra electrical switches and outlets in the places that you need them the most adds functionality and can make your life easier.

With the abundance of consumer electronics and devices around peoples homes these days, additional electrical outlets are a very nice thing to have. We are always looking to “plug in” and charge our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Whether it is in the kitchen, our the home office, having convenient access to an electrical outlet  is a must these days.

Since almost every member of the family has some type of electrical device, there is a lot of competition for the electrical outlets and they can become over-stressed, especially in an older home that was not designed to accommodate that type of electrical load. We often try to get more out of the electrical outlets with extra plug extenders and surge protectors, but this is far from an ideal solution. Plugging so many devices into to your outlets increases the likelihood of overloading the circuit, which in turn raises the possibility of starting an electrical fire.

Overloading an electrical outlet will trip the circuit if you home is wired correctly, but the danger arises if the wiring becomes faulty. Electrical fires can start inside of the walls, and sparks can make carpeting and drapes catch fire. Surge protectors and power strip adapters have auto shut-off functionality, and can be used on a temporary basis for smaller devices.

Having Dedicated Switches and Outlets

Larger equipment, like televisions, audio/video , and appliances should have their own dedicated outlets. In this case it is a good idea to have extra outlets installed in the areas where you are most likely to have this equipment. Garage areas that are also used as shops, and kitchens that include today’s modern appliances should also be wired for extra electrical switches and outlets. Ceiling fans are great for recirculating the air in your home and also need to have their own dedicated wiring and electrical switch.

Holiday decorating is also another consideration that may require additional electrical wiring. Overloaded electrical outlets are often located close to dry Christmas trees and are one of the leading causes of house fires during the holiday season.

Eastlake Electric is experienced in adding electrical switches and outlets in your home. Whether you are doing a new build construction, remodel project, or just updating, we will make sure that all of the switches and outlets are installed and wired correctly and to code. We’re happy to make your home more user friendly. Call or contact Eastlake Electric for all of your residential electrical needs.