Ceiling Fans Reduce Energy Costs

Installing ceiling fans in your home can help you to save on energy costs. They circulate cool air during the warm summer months, and since heat always rises, they circulate the warm air during the cooler winter months.

If you do not use your air conditioner as much, or as often, your cooling costs will be reduced. Every degree above 78F on your thermostat saves between 3% and 8%. A ceiling fan has the effect of making the air temperature feel approximately 8 degrees cooler than the actual room temperature. Eastlake can help you select the right sized ceiling fans for the rooms that you wish to use them in, and install them so you can start reaping the benefits of more efficient cooling and heating.

Since heat rises, using a ceiling fan during the winter time can help circulate the hot air that collects near the ceilings. Changing the fan blades clockwise will push the hot air down into the living areas. Circulating the warm air can help you save approximately 2% for every degree your thermostat is turned down. Ceiling fans are especially helpful in homes with high and vaulted ceilings.

The Right Sized Ceiling Fan

To get the most efficiency from your new ceiling fan, it is important to get a fan that fits the room.

> 50 sqft

30 ” Fan

51 ~ 100 sqft

36″ Fan

101 ~ 200 sqft

42″ Fan

201~ 400 sqft

52 ” Fan

401 + sqft

54″ Fan

Contact Eastlake for rooms that are either very large or very narrow. We will create a custom plan for the fans needed for the corresponding space.

Ceiling Fan Pitch and Power

The pitch and power of the ceiling fan are two important considerations. If the blade pitch is steeper, then it will circulate the air more efficiently. A pitch of between 11 and 16 degrees is suitable for most rooms, while areas that have higher humidity, like laundry rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens may need to have a higher blade pitch, up to 22 degrees.

Ceiling Fan Lights and Remotes