Electrical Wiring for a Bathroom Remodel

When undertaking a bathroom remodel, installing the electrical wiring an intermediate to advanced skill level, so it is best to not take any chances, and contact a licensed electrical contractor for the job. By definition, a bathroom remodel means that you are re-doing work that was previously done. This means that any existing wiring needs to first be identified, then turned OFF, and tagged so it will not interfere in the remodel. If you plan to modify the existing wiring in any way, or plan to install additional bathroom wiring, it MUST be done according to your local electrical code. An electrical bathroom remodel requires a permit and must pass an electrical inspection.

Upgrading an older bathroom can be similar to a kitchen remodel in size and scope. As your electrical contractor, Eastlake Electric can assist in the electrical design and installation of components. With many older construction homes in the Seattle area, the vast majority have not been updated to modern standards. A bathroom remodel is something that you can do to increase the property value of your home.

Prior to remodeling your bathroom, a good thing to do is set some goals and draw up a budget. It is important have clear expectations from the beginning of what you want to get out of your remodel, and make sure that your goals are in line with your budget. Compile a list of needs and nice to have items in your bathroom, and then the functionality and aesthetic aspects will be integrated into the electrical design and installation plans.

Lighting fixtures generally serve as the centerpiece of any bathroom remodel, and can be connected to dimming switches to set the mood in your new bathroom. Upgrading the electrical receptacles to newer GFCI outlets is a must. Depending on the age of your home airing, and the complexity of your remodel, a dedicated GFCI circuit may be needed.

Bathroom ventilation is a very important aspect of a bathroom remodel to prevent mold from growing. A proper exhaust fan system must take into account the size of your bathroom.While basic exhaust fans pull moist air out, there are models which include additional features such as lighting and heat. A separate circuit may be needed on your electrical panel for one of the more complex exhaust fans.

Bathroom Remodel Luxury Items

A bathroom remodel can enhance to comfort and convenience of your home, and some types of electrical additions can increase your property value as well. An in-floor electrical radiant heating system, electric towel warmers, and electric heated toilet seats are some of the options homeowners select for their bathroom remodel. Low voltage lighting connected to a motion sensor around the flooring can serve as a night light.

Choosing Eastlake Electric

There is a lot that goes into a bathroom remodeling project. When you choose Eastlake as your electrical contractor, you can count on our experience in coordinating with the plumbing contractor, general contractor, and designer. Our team of expert residential electricians can transform your bathroom remodel project from design to reality. The end result – a beautiful bathroom that will enhance the livability and value of your home.